Dylan is proud of the work he has done in his first term. He was elected on a platform of efficient government and customer service, and he has delivered. He has drastically changed the culture of the office and has reasserted the Treasurer's Office as a valuable partner in county governance. The Harris County Treasurer's Office is responsible for the movement of over $10 billion in funds annually for the county, flood control district, toll road authority, and Port of Houston. Dylan has managed the office through the worst pandemic in over 100 years with minimal impact to services.

In addition to the daily duties of the office, Dylan has made it a point to bring extra value to the position. He has:

Lead efforts to diversify the county’s banking relationships by incorporating a minority-owned
bank into the depository contract as well as an investment through the bank’s CDARS program

Implemented an internship program through a partnership with the University of Houston’s
Hobby School for Public Policy

Helped to lead the implementation (and now stabilization) of a county-wide enterprise software system

Made it easier for people to find and claim their unclaimed funds from the county

Worked to increase employee satisfaction and morale in the Treasurer's Office- regular raises for deserving employees, better equipment, and a commitment to team member safety during the pandemic

Implemented an annual employee review process for Treasurer's Office staff

Convened an ad-hoc committee of county financial leadership to study impact of COVID-19 on
county revenue

Actively participated in the editing and updating of local rules affecting bail bond licenses

Joined the Texas County Investment Academy

Co-Sponsored food giveaways with OCA-Houston and Houston Food Bank

Serves on the county Audit and Investment Committees, as well as the Bail Bond Board

Elected as Region 12 Vice-Chair and Chairman for the County Treasurers’ Association of

Named to Legislative, Education, and By-Laws Committees for CTAT