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Good Government that is Community Oriented and Customer Driven

Dylan believes every elected office should be held by strong leaders that are focused on good government, are community oriented, and deliver great customer service. The Harris County Treasurer's office is no exception. For too long, the office has been held by career politicians that are simply waiting for another position to open up. Dylan wants to change that.


Good Government

Dylan has the experience and education to run an office that is financially responsible and focused on giving the people of Harris County the best value for their money. Delivering good government is easy- it is being smart with the public's money while delivering a high level of service. Dylan is committed to eliminating waste while delivering high quality service that meets the needs of his customers, both internal customers like Commissioner's Court and external customers like county vendors.


Community Oriented

All elected officials have some sort of "soap box" and the ability to help the community. Harris County deserves a Treasurer that does not simply work 9-5, Monday through Friday, while hiding behind a desk. Dylan promises to get out of the office and work hand in hand with community leaders to help the residents of Harris County, whether it is organizing workshops to teach basic financial literacy or educating the public on county issues, or simply showing up to civic clubs and homeowner's associations to explain what the Treasurer does. Harris County needs leaders that are not afraid to go out in the community, look voters in the eye, and be held accountable for their performance.


Customer Driven

The Treasurer has different customers with different needs, but they all deserve top-notch service, delivered quickly, and without complaint. Commissioner's Court expects timely information and vendors expect to get paid when they are promised. Under Dylan's leadership, anyone that comes into the Treasurer's office will be treated with respect and helped as quickly as possible. Government does not have to be slow or burdensome, and dealing with your local government should not be a hassle.


What Does a Treasurer Do?

In Harris County the Treasurer reconciles the county's bank accounts, distributes and receives funds, and handles unclaimed property under $100. It is a small office with a budget for Fiscal Year 2018 of just under $1.2 million. Treasurer is an administrative position and needs to be a public servant with a background in administration, not a lifelong politician.