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Good Government that is Customer Focused

Dylan believes every elected office should be held by strong leaders that are focused on good government and deliver great customer service. The Harris County Treasurer's office is no exception. For too long, the office was held by career politicians that were simply waiting for another position to open up. Dylan ran to change that and in his first term he has worked hard to deliver.

Good Government and Customer Service

Delivering good government is easy- it is being smart with the public's money while delivering a high level of service. Dylan is committed to eliminating waste while delivering high quality service that meets the needs of his customers, both internal customers like Commissioner's Court and external customers like county vendors. In his first term Dylan has installed a culture in the Treasurer's Office that is focused on efficient service.

The Treasurer has different customers with different needs, but they all deserve top-notch service, delivered quickly, and without complaint. Commissioner's Court expects timely information and vendors expect to get paid when they are promised. Dylan has worked across department lines to help make sure customer service is a priority for county finance leaders.

How efficient is the Treasurer's Office? Under Dylan the office has successfully moved billions of dollars annually, while contributing to other county initiatives and projects for the low cost of approximately 25 cents per county resident.


What Does a Treasurer Do?

In Harris County the Treasurer reconciles the county's bank accounts, distributes and receives funds, and handles unclaimed property under $100. It is a small office with a budget just under $1.2 million. In Harris County, the Treasurer serves on the county's Audit and Investment committees, and serves on the Bail Bond Board.